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How to Create a Stunning GitHub Readme Profile

How to Create a Stunning GitHub Readme Profile

GitHub Readme Profile Resources

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Β·Jan 10, 2023Β·

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Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Let's Begin
  • GitHub Readme Generators
  • Github Profile Customization Course
  • Wrapup

How to Create an Amazing Github Readme Profile


Hello Tech Geeks πŸ‘‹πŸ», Welcome to the first article of this series where I'm going to share my git & github learning and best resources as well as practices for developers. In today's tech world, Github is a portfolio for developers. Everything you can mention on github your profile such as projects, collaboration projects, development statistics, and many more.

As a developer, you have to know how about the version control system. Git is the current choice of many developers as a VCS. We'll learn more about Git & GitHub in an upcoming article now we are going to learn how to optimize a github profile in the best way?

In this article, I will be sharing the finest resources and courses to make your github profile stand out from the crowd. This contains everything you need to optimize your github profile as a beginner. So, Let's get started!

Let's Begin

To optimize your GitHub profile you have to create a github repository with your github username.

Create repo with github username.

  • Create a repo with a github username.

  • It's a ✨special ✨ repository that you can use to add to your GitHub profile. Make sure it’s public and initialize it with a README to get started.

  • Add the license to it.

That's it.

Now you created a repo with a github username and it will appear on your profile as a readme.MD file. The MD file extension stands for markdown similar to HTML.

GitHub Readme Generators

Now your GitHub readme file is completely empty and we are going to create a profile. The generators help you to create an awesome github profile but due to generators' optimization, you have some limitations.

But as a beginner, you will able to create a standard profile with online generators. Here is the list that contains readme generators for you to create a profile.

  1. Github Profile Generator by Rahul Jain

  1. Profile Generator

  2. Readme. so

  3. Profile Generator

  4. Aviyel Readme Generator

These are the most useful and easiest generators to create a github profile with prebuilt data. The above generators include everything from tech stack to every social media handle to add to your profile.

Now with the help of these generators, you can generate markdown tags and simply copy and paste them to your github readme file but wait if you want to customize more to the profile definitely check the below course!

Github Profile Customization Course

Github profile customization course developed by Eddie jaoude for free. I personally suggest taking this course which is absolutely free for everyone with complete guidance from Eddie.

A complete Github profile customization course will help you to understand how actual markdown works and how you can customize your profile the way you want. Thi course contains everything from how to create a readme repository on github to github actions.


Finally, in the end, we created a stunning GitHub profile with the help of generators and Eddie's course. A github profile customization is a never-ending process because you have to update your profile regularly as a developer.

Github profile optimization helps a lot in terms of opportunities and remote jobs because its works like a portfolio for you. If you learn something exciting today then don't forget to share it with your friend.

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