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Let's Talk About DevRel

Let's Talk About DevRel

Developer Relationships - DevRel

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Table of contents

  • DevRel Introduction
  • How to Get Into DevRel Space
  • Resources to Learn DevRel
  • Wrapup

DevRel in depth with the tools and resources you need!

DevRel Introduction

The Developer Relationship (DevRel) field is rapidly growing in the tech industry and open-source communities. Building and scaling high-level open-source products you need a team of humans to work between community and product. DevRel contains three different categories Community DevRel, Content DevRel, and Product DevRel. Every category of devrel work differently toward community

  • Community DevRel - Engaging with the community and taking regular feedback to scale the product and provide the best insights to the engineering team of the product.

  • Content DevRel - Creating and educating the community with content in form of tutorials, guides, videos, blogs and etc., and responsible to create content to spread awareness of the brand on socials communities.

  • Product DevRel - Creating technical guides and working closely with the product team to understand new releases and features of the product and also keeping eye on the open-source community including github.

How to Get Into DevRel Space

DevRel engineer is a complete package of everything code, content, communication, and community work. As a good devrel lead you should know the three of C of Community (Code, Community & Content) not in-depth but at least good practice with all. This is all my personal opinion and experience that I'm sharing, Every community requires different skills but these are the basic fundamentals of DevRell Engineer.

To get into the DevRel space start exploring and working with the community learn to code, contribute to open source, and help new folks by creating content (Video, articles, and blog posts) These things definitely help you into the devrel space but its personal suggestion to explore and learn more about code and different tools to create content.

DevRel is a Combination of Community, Code and Content! โœ๐Ÿป

Best Practices to Explore As a Newbie

The best practices to explore as a newbie are to start contributing to open source and to start learning more about Git & Github. On the content side start sharing your learnings in public picking any one of them (Linkedin, Twitter and etc.) I suggest Twitter is the best choice because of its strong community support.

Strat youtube and educate the community through video-based content be honest it requires time to learn but is not difficult as it seems to do. Technical writing will help you a lot in the DevRel space and Hashnode is the best choice to start with tech writing.

- Let's Wrapup โฌ‡

  • Learn Code and Contribute to opensource

  • Start with Youtube & Technical Writing

  • Start Engaging with the community

Resources to Learn DevRel

Before picking any field as a career you should know about every aspect of that from top to bottom everything. Quality resources are always helpful to learn and get actual knowledge. To deep dive into devrel sharing the best resources that collected from various places.






DevRel is a great space to explore for one who has a passion to educate the community and solving issues. I personally worked as a community manager at aviyel and created content (Videos & articles) to share quality resources with all.

If this article sounds interesting to you or you learned something new from here then share it with other folks in the community and remember to share and tag me on Twitter.

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